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The company “ – Abatzoglou” was founded in 1967 by Theocharis Abatzoglou and continues to this day by his son Andreas, in Psyrri in Athens, Greece.
The father’s long experience combined with the son’s innovative ideas played a key role in the growth of the business and its rapid development in the field of packaging products and materials.
It aims to cover all your needs in every packing, package and packaging of products in addition to the storage and protection of materials, decorative products and decorative materials, office supplies and consumables, papers of all kinds, also in plastic, paper, wooven bags, zipper handbags, bin and polybags, ribbons, small packing mechanisms and many other related packaging products and materials in order to offer consistently and always with the best wholesale prices in Greece.
The company covers the entire Greek territory for any need for packaging either for private, professional, business, commercial and craft industries.

Free delivery option of your purchased packaging products or materials at your place!

  • Delivery time: In Attica Region: in 1 working day
  • Out of Attica: 1-2 working days
  • In any Greek Island: 1-3 working days.

We can print your colored logo on any of your packaging products or materials!

Plastic, poly, bin and carrier bags, furthermore products, materials and solutions for any packaging use provided with the option of your logo or image printed on them…

Training, support, seminars and any help provided for your purchases and packaging needs or requirements

In any case our reception and help desk is ready to serve any of your call, email, visit, purchase or inquiry. Furthermore, we may visit you at your place if needed so!

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