Poly and plastic packaging Bags

Our company “AMPATZOGLOU ANDREAS | Packaging4all.com »we have begun since 1967 to launch more than all products and packaging materials with poly and cellophane bags, clear, bulk and zipper bags and all types of household and industrial use bags, sachets, trash, pouch bags and plastic packaging bags in general for every use and need.

Sacks, sachets and plastic packaging bags for every use and need are available from our company at factory prices and great deals for either wholesale or even special offers for private use and retail.

Plastic packaging bags in large quantities and stock or even on demand are available directly for companies, crafts, product packaging, commercial enterprises and stores, and there are many more options in related packaging products.

PRODUCTS for Poly and Plastic packaging bags

Plastic packaging bags and sachets are available in any size and type at retail and wholesale prices. The basic types and types of plastic poly and packaging bags and all kinds of household, clear, cello, bulk and industrial use bags that we have on the market are as follows:

Polyethylene bags (PE) especially for food, nuts, storing clothes, quilts, etc.
Transparent clear polypropylene (PP) bags and sachets with automatic closure and / or open specially designed for jewels and jewelery, folk arts and gifts, as well as for the storage of clothes and clothing.
zipper clear plastic bags also for use by jewelers, color shops, food, clothing and clothes stores, for storing products and materials, tools, screw packs, stools and furnishings, etc
Transparent clear big plastic bags or even in different sizes for mattresses
Plastic bags for baskets and trash bins
Plastic heavy duty Bags and durable rubbish bags for building materials
Paper and craft bags specially designed for grocery stores and haberdashery.

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Poly, Zipper, Cello, Clear, Trash and all plastic packaging bags